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I offer training in Cultural Humility, Harm Reduction, and finding Community Resources.

Trainings for Professionals: Services
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​​Cultural Humility is the act of learning about a culture from a place of humility rather than mastery with the intent to continue learning and growing. My trainings offer clinical and administrative staff knowledge about working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community and performing anti-racist work. I offer basic and advanced courses that not only introduce you to terminology and concepts but give you the skills to talk about issues of race, sex, and gender, and remain cognizant of new information and resources.


Harm reduction is a diverse set of strategies aimed at reducing harm and improving quality of life. Born out of a grassroots movement of people in low socioeconomic environments that used substances that were tired of the stigma, harm reduction is an evidence-based alternative to abstinence only treatment. With the raise of medicated assisted treatment and harm reduction psychotherapy as best practices for treating many substance use disorders, shifting policy and attitudes can be challenging.  I provide policy and practice consultation to school and agency staff and leaders as they walk this new path.

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Identifying community resources can be challenging for therapists in private practice. "What is medicaid?" "How can people sign up?" "Who qualifies?" "Where are some safe places for teens to hang out?" "A client is about to become homeless what do I do?" "I didn't know there were free parenting classes there!" I often get these questions and reactions from providers and professionals. There is so much and yet so little available and it seems like no one is on the same page. This training will explore common social services, how to search for and access them, and how to get involved in service expansion conversations, so that you can harness the resources available in our greater community.

Trainings for Professionals: Services
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