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Breath is Magic

It is incredible how much breath can shift our mood and way of experiencing the world. With just 1 minute of pause and controlled breathing we can begin to deescalate from a crisis state. #mindfulness #resilience #cbt

Peace is in the journey

The more we are attached to the outcome the last we can see what's happening on the way there. We can get caught up in fear about failing or anxiety about succeeding. On the other hand when we stop being attached to the outcome we can think clearer and see what the next right action will be. If you're having trouble finding purpose ask for help and you will find it. It's all part of your journey. #anxiety #depression #resilience #hope #cbt #mindfulness

Helpful Beliefs

Often times we look for the bad things about yourselves or the believes we need to change. Well that is important it is equally necessary to look at the things we're doing right. So what belief do you have that serving you today? #anxiety #resilience #cbt

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